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Service by dai

Elyse Dai Co. is a custom designing firm that strongly believes in the art of  individuality. DAI believes, that fashion is a subconscious reflection of who we are and who we aspire ourselves to be.


With Dai, clients are offered a variety of customizable services, created to allow the exploration their personal creativity.


In collaboration and through design, art and its intention, we consciously create a new sense of awareness towards the art of fashion and  its process.  

Check below, to see what the DAI has to offer. 


The CSTMxDAI Studio 

CSTMxDAI is a service, where the client creates their own design and vision from the ground up.


For special occasions, memorable moments, or even  comprising a vision for their own brands and businesses. Together, we go from the design conception and sketch, to its physical reality.


Click below to learn more.  


The Cotton Canvas Club

The Cotton Canvas Club is wear all things are canvas. This invites, all types of clothing to be intricately hand-painted, allowing the client to inspire and customize their own wearable art.


Customizable options can include their own personal artwork, brand logos, along with personal photo & photography inspiration, as well. 


Click below to join the club.  


A Dose- A- DAI

Get a dose of the Elyse Dai aesthetic by checking out our latest, in capsule collections. Get a idea of who and what a good 'DAI' truly looks like! 

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The DAI Shop 

Support the brand by shopping some of the 1 of 1 items in our signature shop.


Click below to view what's in store.


The DAIZ Inn 

The Daiz Inn is a space, where we explore art innovation, its inspiration and its intention.


We share not only the light that is art, but the spaces that we go, inward, in order to get that light to beam. 

Click below to go 'Inn'!

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