The Artisan 

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I am Dai Elyse. I am an artisan, writer and model that specializes in creating original artwork and fashion by hand.


I have been in custom design for 7+ years and I have created garments for all types of events. From proms & weddings to birthdays, & resort wear, the list goes on. I've curated several runway shows, as well as, styled artists, videos and film. 


Throughout the years, fashion has been my way of connecting with and to people. My experiences in custom design have been pivotal in the ideaology that fashion is a subconscious reflection of who we are and who we aspire ourselves to be. We are all unique, and how we dress should be a physical representation of that same energy.  


Elyse Dai Co. is the vessel for this ideaology. EDC specializes in the creation of 1of 1 looks, creating a safe space where clientele can explore their personal individuality. An experience with EDC is less about what is trending and more about what is authentic to we genuinely are, as artist and creative beings.


Whether we are creating fashion for a special day or collaborating to create an entirely new legacy, Elyse Dai Co., is here to assist in the visualization and actualization of our most creative fashion dreams.

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