"Allow Me to Reintroduce My 'Self'"

Updated: May 5

My Name is Dai. I am a self- taught designer and artisan originally from Brooklyn, NY.

I am the creator of Elyse Dai Co., a custom designing firm that curates with creatives to develop innovative concepts through fashion and art. I specialize in the creation of handmade and hand- painted garments, and assist in the cultivation of unique aesthetics, styles and brands. I use my skills as a service to myself, but also as a vessel for my fellow creatives and artists, alike.

The Daiz Inn is a space created to go inward and share stories, lessons, processes and inspiration through art, created by myself and other artists within my collective.

I figured I'd start with myself, read below for more of who I am…


My journey in art and design starts, honestly, as a gift. Growing up I had a natural ability to draw and create. Beginning with flowers and graffiti, it later grew into fashion and portraiture artwork.

In 2012, with an intention to bring my drawings to life, I bought my first sewing machine, mannequin and began to self teach, draping and patternmaking.

Within the first year of venturing into custom design, I designed a wedding gown, for my first bride. With that accomplishment, I set out on a goal to, not only bring my personal visions into fruition, but to invest service into the artistic visions and aesthetics of other artists, as well.


For details on this look click here

Through the mentorship of my late aunt Carrie and my mom, the first garment I ever created was about 25 years ago . It was a simple single stitched, fatigue print crochet tube top. I was worn by my older sister, Moe. She paired it with a beige relaxed fit khaki pant and a black sheer button up top. Her hair was freshly blown out, unwrapped, and 'laid' as we would say today. I believe my memory serves me right, but I could be a lil off on the minor details.

Either way, coming up I genuinely enjoyed the concept of creating something of quality with such a simple, yet valuable resource. Crocheting became a way of process and release, for me as a young artist. What began as creating simple shapes and designs, has easily become, the ability to create any design that I decide to put my energy into.

Through my crochet practices, I gained some of the fundamentals in design creation and patterning. Crochet also served as an introduction to basic manifestation, if you ask me. The act of having a vision and working little by little, stitch by stitch to bring it to life. It didn't matter how small or big that vision may be, it was always empowering.

With the wisdom, I've gathered over the years, I have been able to apply them, to create an aesthetic , and to build a brand for myself. I am eager to share that wisdom, in whatever way inspires me, to help others bring their personal visions to life, as well.


I am a self- taught, first generation entrepreneur for my family. In addition, I am also an artist. These factors, together, can make for a rocky journey, from time to time.

In my experience though, I’ve discovered that a lot of this journey is about nurturing our relationships. Not just the relationships we build with others, but the ones we have with and within ourselves.

With so many lessons to learn on the road to finding your stride in entrepreneurship,

I know as an artist, having a clear understanding of who and what you are as an individual- the how and the why- is what comes before your service or your selflessness.

Taking time to be selfish, has granted me the opportunity to connect with my peers effectively and genuinely, from an authentic space. I believe it is that consistent "self work" that ultimately assists in the growth of stronger bonds between individuals and a stronger collective, overall.


While my "selfishness" serves as a form of love, care and healing toward myself. My selflessness, is my act of service toward others, within my immediate collective, this includes other artists, but also my duty to family.

Aside from my creative accomplishments and endeavors, I am also a stay at home “Mumty”. It is this experience, that I have been humbled by the most. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity teach and nurture the lives, values and creativity of my three young nieces, on a day to day. I believe they serve as my insight to what art and design can look like for our future generations to come.

Both personally and professionally, I find myself more ambitious to assist, however I am able, in the cultivation, development and vision of other creatives. By providing my service, knowledge and wisdom where it is required, I plan to continue with a clear intention to push the black artist movement forward. Feel free to tag along.

Welcome to "The DAIZ Inn", I hope you decide to stick around.

To check out the art services offered at Elyse Dai Co., click HERE

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