Murky Mercury: 5 Tips To Get Through This Retrograde Season

So, Mercury has officially entered retrograde this week, and we will be feeling its affects until June 18th.

Mercury Retrograde happens about 3- 4 times a year and occurs when planet Mercury appears to rotate backwards. Mercury rules our communication and technology and while in retrograde, it is in these areas of our lives where things can to go a bit haywire. This includes, the communication we have within ourselves, as well as how we to communicate with the world around us.

As an astrology enthusiast- not professional, I like to keep track of retrogrades. Not just Mercury’s, but the other planets too. An understanding of the planets helps me to practice better awareness of own energy and along with that of the collective.

Here are some quick tips that I have learned along the way, that may help ease a bit of the tension, during this period.

It Is Only As Bad as You Think It Is

We started this year with Mercury in retrograde, so don’t be afraid because we’ve already been here. Since retrograde involves the spin backward, I believe in order to stay aligned, we must go backward with it.

Retrograde is a great time to reassess, reflect, replay, redo, revisit and recalibrate. It is a perfect time to “Re- up” energetically on our intentions and goals- especially the ones we have set in place since the last retrograde, which took place in January.

For this retrograde I will be taking time to reflect on the progress I have made. What were some of my “resolutions” for the year, and how far have I come since setting those important intentions? Where do I want to be by the next time Mercury decides to trek backwards?

We are officially mid year, take the time to plan out how you will continue to get to your goals, for the remainder of the year.

Write It Out

Since communication is in chaos during this period, journaling is a great way to make sense of it all.

With journaling, nothing and no one else needed to express your point. Not only that, but journaling is the purest form of communication and connection with yourself.

I journal often. Intentionally making time to journal during retrograde is an important way to physically see what I am feeling. Seeing is always believing, it gives me a greater sense of awareness, understanding and inner knowing. Once I am able to see what I’m feeling, I can address it with better insight. And if not, then at least I created an opportunity for release, which is also a plus during this time, as well.

Indulge In The Past

As I said, journaling is a big part of my life. One thing I like to do during retrograde, is read back old journal entries. This is pivotal in my personal reflection process. It creates an opportunity to recognize some of my own patterns and ways of thinking, versus where I am now.

Retrograde can be heavy period for some, I have experienced some dark ones. But, being able to see how far I have come and how I have made it through some tough periods, can be motivating and enlightening during energetic chaos. It reminds me that this too will, most certainly, pass.

Detox Your Life

Retrograde is a great time to detox. Since reflection can be intense emotionally, detoxing affords me the opportunity to shift my focus and put my energy into something that requires me to be more disciplined, present and conscious of my actions.

Since Mercury being in retrograde affects our communication and technology, detoxes and restrictions from social media, television and other technological and communication resources are a great place to start.

Instead of social media, choose to journal. Instead of television, take time to read a new book. Instead of driving, take time to be in nature and walk. Find substitutions that allow you use more of what is physically around you.

Detoxing our bodies should not be negated either. Toxic foods and an unhealthy diet can trigger how we think and how we see ourselves too. Take a breather whichever way works best for you, it is all about finding ways, that are in alignment with you, to be conscious in your personal journey.

Start A New Routine

As stated in my last tip, a big part of surviving retrograde is about shifting your focus and staying present. Creating and learning a new daily routine is another way to do that. It is a great way to develop new habits towards the important intentions and tasks we might have neglected.

This week I worked a new routine. I am currently a stay at home “Mumty” to my 3 young nieces and I have learned that a routine is imperative for the sanity of the home, as well as my own.

As you can imagine, working to scale my business and taking care of 3 children, time is often of the essence. Developing a routine that allows me to find the right balance between the things I love the most, is very important. I use retrograde to focus on my routine and to hone in on the little wins within that process.

Bonus: Give Yourself Grace

The underlining rules to all of these tips is to remember to give yourself grace. To be patient with your process and to understand that, everything will not go as planned, especially during retrograde.

Honestly, this is the tip that I have the most trouble with. But, that is precisely what retrograde teaches us, the process of patience and grace within self. Use the time to be present, to understand and to explore these parts of who you are during these times- the good and the bad that comes with it.

At the end of the Dai...

Retrogrades are difficult because we are tested to find balance in an energetically chaotic environment. It is during these periods that we tests our release in control. It is about controlling what you can, with what you have, in your given moment.

Making it through retrograde, is a testament to the patience we have or need to work on. It is all about perspective and taking as many opportunities, to look at the things that we may endure, as either a lesson or a moment.

With that said, I hope you have a good ‘Dai’ and a happiest retrograde, my good people.

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