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DAIZ 001- "What's Your Aura?" The Platform & The Collective

Updated: Jan 3

In this article I share the story of my first aura reading experience and what amazing insights it lead to in my creative journey and why I decided to "repurpose" my platform instead of "relaunch" it.

It was December 9th, 2022, on a 30 degree Friday afternoon when a friend and I, decided on a whim, to take a walk. We walked from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, across the Manhattan Bridge, into China Town, as we hiked to go to Magic Jewelry NYC. We were on a mission to the shop specifically, to get our aura picture taken. This would be my first time and I was really excited for some fresh insight.

We literally walked for miles, as you can imagine. We just shared experiences that have changed our perceptions over the past year, goals coming into this year and objectives for our future self. It was such a dope experience and energetic exchange.

We made it to the shop just before 5:30pm. The woman at the shop was so insightful and so accurate. After getting our picture taken she explained what each of our auras had to say about where we were, energetically, in that moment

During my reading, she expressed that I had a lot of activity in the mind. She mentioned that I was going back and forth about an issue in my head, thoughts that pertained to my purpose and my future. She also mentioned that I was in a state of peace, calmness and period of physical rest. which was all pretty accurate.

She suggested that I get a Black Obsidian Crystal to bring clarity to my consciousness. This crystal is intentionally meant to empower the intuition, increase awareness and promote crown chakra healing. I chose a mid-sized pendant for a necklace. As she carefully knotted the black string necklace around the pendent, she told us about a Korean eatery nearby called, "Funny BBQ", where we grabbed a light dinner with fresh mango juice, which I loved.

We marveled at the full moon, grabbed gloves, snacks and expressed gratitude for the experience on the walk back- because why not walk back!

That night, when I made it home, home, I decided to sit under the moonlight for a few to do what I do best- "THANKING"(thinking/thanking). Somewhere within that moment with the moon, the clutter in my brain, all finally started to make sense. Somehow, looking for my "aura" I believe I've found more "purpose".

Todai, marks a new calendar year, however, I like to prep for the new energetic year, which is in march.

Overall this year, I want my actions to demonstrate that I am willing to do whatever is needed, to fully invest the energy that is required, for the things that I believe in. I am challenging myself to do it fearlessly, unapologetically, from a place of power. I am pushing myself to walk in my purpose by being genuine in sharing myself and my experiences with my collective. I am opening myself up to sharing knowledge, insight and love with my own intention, to encourage others to walk in their power too.

Lately, for me to say I am “relaunching”, seems small to me. My dreams and my visions are now bigger than a “brand” or an “idea”. The “re-purposing” of this online space is about, creating space for artists. A safe space for creatives to go “INN”. To help us all feel safe enough to connect with who we genuinely are, to tell our stories, and to not only share our experiences, but to feel heard in those experiences.

Within this space, it is my intention is to speak to individuals, who are looking to walk in their purpose, but sometimes struggle to find their footing. Creatives who are the first in their families to venture off and find, a different kind of light. Artists looking for a sense of community, and connectivity.

"The DAIZ Inn" is a collective and a platform, a space where it is believed that we are not built to only lift ourselves up but to lift the light of others, "inn the process".

Happiest 2023!

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